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Most Popular Translations

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Most Popular English Bible translations
In a random survey by The Christian Chronicle, more than 1,100 readers responded to this question: “What Bible version do you prefer to read?” –via Christian Chronicle

New International Version: 41.5 percent
New American Standard Version: 17.1 percent
New King James Version: 10.3 percent
English Standard Version: 9.5 percent
King James Version: 5.8 percent
Revised Standard/New Revised Standard Version: 4.8 percent
New Living Translation: 3.6 percent
Today’s New International Version: 2.3 percent
‘The Message’: 2.2 percent
Other: 2.2 percent
Holman Christian Standard Bible: 0.5 percent
Contemporary English Version: 0.4 percent
Common English Bible: 0.1 percent
New American Bible: 0.1 percent

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