Is Censorship Coming to America?

Christian broadcaster gets the Canadian boot
by Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 2/7/2011 4:25:00

A Canadian pastor has been kicked off one of two Christian stations in that country.

Dr. Charles McVety of Word TV first raised concerns with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council over comments he made about homosexuality. At that point, McVety was temporarily taken off the air at Crossroads Television System, but allowed back on with a warning that his shows would be screened before airing.

Now McVety tells OneNewsNow that his last three shows never made it on the air. In one, he talked about an upcoming debate with an atheist author.

“This lady is a very proud atheist — but somehow they claim I can’t call her an atheist pastor,” he shares. “On the next show, I said that I was being attacked and my freedom of speech was under attack. They said I’m not allowed to use the word ‘attack.’”

McVety says he has been so heavily censored that he is in a quandary as to what he can say — or, as he states on his website, “I don’t know how they want me to talk.” He believes that sort of speech control should be reserved for fascist, totalitarian states — not a country that claims to permit freedom of speech.

“In fact, I spoke to the chair of this censor board and I said, ‘You can turn the television station on and you will hear my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ cursed on a regular basis — and you don’t censor anything like that out.’”

The censors’ first objection was McVety’s criticism of curriculum in Canadian schools that teaches the existence of six genders — not just male and female. He is currently organizing a grassroots effort to end the censorship.

The Christian broadcaster points out that Americans should be concerned because American preachers are being silenced, too — plus McVety contends that what is happening in Canada eventually will happen in the U.S.

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